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Homemade Vanilla

August 19, 2012

If I told you that I haven’t bought vanilla extract in years, would you think I was weird?  It started with the vanilla… before you knew it, she was baking her own crackers, knitting her own toilet paper, and churning her own butter!  What if I promised that I wouldn’t let it go that far?

In all seriousness, if you can find reasonably-priced alcohol and vanilla beans, it usually comes out cheaper to make your own.  Plus, there’s that satisfaction you can only get from making it yourself.  And it’s so easy!  It’s really worth the wait.

I’ve always used vodka to steep my vanilla, but I think I’ll spring for some bourbon next time.  I’m sure the flavor will be outstanding, even if it does mess up my price point.

You have to think ahead a little bit, as the vanilla steeps for 30-60 days.  However, it will also keep indefinitely, so it’s reasonable to make large batches.

When it’s all done, you can store it in decorative bottles–the darker the better–and use it as you please.  Heck, you might even decide to share with family and friends.



Homemade Vanilla

2 c. (375 ml) vodka  [or bourbon, or even brandy!]
8 vanilla beans
Seal-tight bottle or other container, preferably of a dark material

1. Cut a lengthwise slit down the middle of each vanilla bean.

2. Discarding the ends, cut vanilla beans into ½ – ¾ inch pieces.

3. Pour the vodka into your container.

4. Add the vanilla beans to the vodka, seal the container, and shake.  Store in a dark place.

5. Once a day for 30-60 days, vigorously shake the container for 30 seconds.

6. When the 30-60 day cycle has finished, strain out the solids and store the finished vanilla in a decorative bottle.

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  1. August 19, 2012 10:38 AM

    Quick need for clarification, Jamie–

    So it needs to steep for somewhere between 30 and 60 days. What determines how long you keep it going in that 30-day flex time? How would you know when it is ready?

    • August 19, 2012 12:35 PM

      It will be “ready” after 30 days. However, you can continue to steep it for up to 60 days, should you desire stronger vanilla extract. It’s up to you!

  2. Ceji permalink
    August 20, 2012 12:39 AM

    Do you have a go-to for your vanilla beans? Or are you just getting them from the store?

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