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Brown Sugar Cookies: A Family Tradition

January 7, 2012

I’m currently wrapping up a vacation in Madrid, where the Three Kings have just come to drop off gifts for the children, officially bringing the holiday season to a close.  Spending Christmas at home and Three Kings in Spain wasn’t a bad idea; I got the best of both worlds and made sure to share some American cookies with all of my Spaniard friends, including this classic sugar cookie.  Every single Christmas without fail, my house is filled with dozens and dozens of these cookies.  Some we send to lucky recipients around the globe (you know who you are…) and others we take to Christmas parties.  Some never make it off the cooling rack.

If we took a year-long hiatus from making them, I’m pretty sure we would be disowned.  As I was growing up, I was slowly allowed to have more and more responsibility for the cookies: young’n’s are only allowed to sprinkle.  Older kids are allowed to spread the buttercream.  Then you graduate to cutting out the cookies, and finally you can make the whole cookies from start to finish.

Occasionally we get a little silly with the cookies.  This year, I made giant sugar cookie people and decorated one cookie for each member of my family.  Does this baker, with the glasses and the sly glance, look familiar?

I’m currently away from my recipes and will have to wait to post this one.  But in any case, perhaps I should keep it under wraps to ensure that I get invited to all of my holiday parties next year, no?  Ill sleep on it.

Until then, I hope everyone’s 2012 began well!  I can’t say my year is off to a bad start, and I hope for many more good days to come.  Cheers!

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  1. January 7, 2012 6:12 PM

    Very cute!


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