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Kaki Fruit

November 14, 2010

I have never considered myself a big fruit fan, but one of my favorite daily tasks includes a quick trip to the frutería.  The fruits and vegetables there are fresh, ripe and incredibly cheap.  I bring home bulging bags of produce and never spend more than three euros.

My most recent discovery there was the persimmon (caqui or kaki in Spanish), which I had heard about but had never tasted or even seen in real life.  Turns out they look like this:

The skin is really thick, which makes it disagreeable to eat, and the core (which you can see in the cross-section above) is also edible but even less agreeable, especially if the kaki is underripe, in which case it will be woody like the center of a pineapple.  The flesh is akin to cantaloupe but much more flavorful: soft, juicy, and impossibly sweet.

After a bit of experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that they taste best peeled, chopped into chunks, and chilled.

It’s simple, but delicious.  And lately I’ve been thinking that simple should be enough to get us through.  Don’t you think?

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